Why Your Book Needs to Analyze

Now, there’s more to succeeding than just good design. Design alone won’t get you far without proper promotion. Your book’s topic should have at least 10,000 US searches so set local to United States and you want at least 10,000 local searches in the US. Anything less than that and it’s just too small a market for your book. Okay, what else have we got? Will there be a replay? When you are setting up your promotion it’s the name, do you just write the name of the book?

How to Promote Your Book with Keywords

You put the name of the book you are planning to promote if you’ve got multiple books and instead of the dates real simple. Great to see Amazon HTML and whether there is a risk of Amazon will view this badly. It’s Amazon HTML it’s … if they didn’t want us using HTML in there they wouldn’t have opened the code. The reason you don’t put it in through Author Central is it’s just really buggy. Amazon are aware of this and it’s just very difficult to format and it’s very difficult to adjust.

If you start making adjustments it does all sorts of weird things like resetting stuff. If you do it three your KDP bookshop like I said, it just makes it so much easier. It’s super easy to format and there is nothing underhand about it. When you use Amazon HTML, it’s only there. You are not putting any kind of … you are not putting the links and stuff. You can have the links too other Amazon pages but not external links. Really all you are using it for is to format the copy, putting the bold, the underlined, the bullet points, the Amazon orange for the header tag and things like that.

There is nothing in any way underhand about it, there is nothing that Amazon would object to. They’ve enabled the code on that because they want people to be able to use it. It’s just that most people don’t …

One thing I’ll say about the information is that I’ve heard of this. I haven’t actually heard directly from Amazon. Using things like pictures in the description or links, they might be looking to take that down.

In the upcoming future. Not necessarily just the bolding or the underlining all that stuff is allowed. You can actually even do that in Author Central it’s just not recommended because it’s a lot more difficult to try to edit books through Author Central.

Improve Your Book Promotion with Good Design

In the Kindle world, in the wider BOOK publishing world, good book design is now considered a bare minimum. I have a friend who is doing $30,000 a month just through CreateSpace. That’s good writing and good design coming together.

Find an Expert Book Designer

We are going to get a series of expert interviews on that so you can get to learn about some the wider stuff as it pertains to how design can influence your book’s full potential. Maybe some of the things that I’m focusing less on we’ll get to learn from some other experts as well. You get all the seven posts plus bonus one the membership site and I didn’t say this but I should mention it now. As well the videos, I’ll strip out the MP3 recording so you can take those away. Listen to them in the car whatever you need to do, in the gym. Those that you’d prefer to read rather than watch videos because reading is quicker, I’ll get transcriptions done for each of the modules.

This will go up a few days after the live module I’ll get those done. Encompasses the presentation and also action checklist for each module so you can get the fast action checklist for everything. That will be part of the member site too. The free lifetime access to the updates, the private Facebook group membership and of course the expert interviews as well.


Check Some Podcast Experts

I may be going into some of my advanced training some recordings that I have on creating captivating content and setting up a book description. I also want to say that the reason I brought More information on here is because, right now I don’t have the sort of advanced coaching program open. I’ve done it in the past but I’m actually in a sense I’m losing money by sending people over for more information.

The reason I would do that is because I’ve never seen someone put together this much value for the price. Especially with what I consider the most valuable thing which is having advice on book design and layout. Because the thing I hate the biggest for me was being able to have my questions answered. I myself go through courses, I have mentors, I network with people. I still ask people questions and get coaching on my Kindle business and my marketing business.

Personalize Your It

Because there is fairly nothing else I think that has come out or I will be coming out, where people can get that much personalized, start to finish training. Getting their questions answered and everything like that. Even though I might be costing myself a little bit of money down the road by not having my own coaching program like this, it’s just worth it to me. Also I’m going to be going through this blog myself, taking lots of notes. I’m super excited for a lot of the advanced stuff that you are going to be teaching that even I don’t know about.

If you go to that page and click the button it will take you through to PayPal. You can card details or PayPal details there. Once you’ve done that you’ll get sent to this thank you page it’s just a message from me saying congratulations you’ve signed up for the blog. What will happen then is that, pretty soon after that you’ll get an email comes through. That’s basically it we are done so that’s the link again if you want to go there.

Things that Make your Book’s Social Media Effective

How to do Facebook posts if you don’t know how? If you’ve got your own page it’s easy, if you don’t you can still do them.


We’ll talk about how to set that up and why it’s so powerful and all of that discounted offers and how to leverage email lists as well at the same time. You want to get all these things working together. If you get them working together you get exponential results. You do them piece meal, one thing here, one thing there, you’ll only get a tiny fraction of the results. Really important to coordinate all those things and then in module seven this is where you get some really advanced marketing stuff.

Getting the most for your book

I want to give you all the best strategies and maximum value for money. We’ll talk about review management which very few people do but it’s really critical to long term sales. It’s something I’ve not seen taught anywhere else so I want to share that with you. We’ll talk about how you can create space to setup physical promotions and really powerful way of doing price juxtaposition as well which actually boosts your Kindle copy sales which is awesome.

Beyond Cover Design

You have plenty of options for book covers including the new company, Canva. How to setup and use Facebook pages in groups either your own or other people’s. We’ll talk about the best ways to cross promote books. We’ll talk about something else again I’ve not seen this discussed anywhere else. How to leverage other author’s books ethically and the way that they will actually want to help you out. Very, very powerful of getting extra sales and getting more widely known. We’ll talk about press release strategies and SEO and how to leverage the medium with the website how to report it out which can generate. If you are not familiar with that site it’s a great way of getting free radio coverage, TV coverage, magazine coverage, blog coverage.

Especially where journalists go thousands and thousands of journalists go to find experts and authors and people to give them, basically give them their content that they need. It’s a great way of getting a promotion. We’ll talk about pricing strategies in detail, whether or not it’s a good idea to blog, when is a good idea to blog and when is a waste of time. We’ll do some advance on this building and we also do Kindle foreign rights strategies. Again this is a powerful way of boosting sales, how you can test your book in foreign markets and get it set up to if it tests well, how to get it set up and translated cheaply and selling in foreign markets.

Building relationships is key with other authors and other experts and also with your fans and followers if you are building any kind of list. Then we’ll talk about the eight times four platform boosting sales which is huge and really powerful. We’ll cover all of that plus we’ll do some … we’ll look at advanced testing for your book because the more you test, the more you can optimize your book and make sales. A lot of those test you’ll be able to apply them to other books too. Great way boosting long term sales. How to get Amazon to send emails on your behalf. We’ll talk about life beyond Kindle so how to get onto Apple.

Things to Avoid with your Book

Then of course crucial things to avoid this is the Amazon version of a Google search. How to avoid being banned from Kindle, getting all your reviews taken down. Crucially losing all of your royalties because if you don’t know Amazon pays two months in arrears. Like right now for example they owe me several thousand dollars in royalties. If I do something stupid and get myself banned from Amazon, then I’m out several thousand dollars. We’ll cover all of that and a bunch more stuff as well. So very, very quick recap, module one how to monetize your Kindle books. Module two, profitable niches of genres, module three how to get your books written quickly and well or outsource them.

Module four formatting and publishing, and then module five, six and seven this is a whole about marketing, building the best seller, the perfect KDP select free promo. There is all of that stuff and of course as you would expect it is backed by 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked if you don’t think it’s delivered at least 10 times the value you’d pay for it, just email that address support.

Ethical questions about book promotion

This is like the ethics body for the how-to industry. You’ve got it’s backed by that and you can get actually got to the website and get my name on there also. Plus all of that, I want to give you some bonuses too. Bonus one is going to be this private membership portal which I’ve setup. All of the course content will be going onto there. Each module as we record it will go on to there so it’s available for you. You’ve got lifetime membership to this plus you can see there is a little dropdown there so there is going to be a bunch of resources on there. You can get links through to all of the promotional websites I’ve talked about recommended reading.

Links to get in your cover created format in your book. We’ll have case studies, we’ll have Facebook and social media resources. I’m sure there will be other things on there as well. There will also be a tab that we can access the other bonuses which I’m going to give you. All of that will be on the membership portal which you have lifetime access to. That’s the first bonus. The second bonus, is going to be free lifetime access to all blog updates. Now I already touched on this things change all the time, Amazon changed it’s role several times in the last 12 months.

Google of course is constantly making algorithm changes and Kindle marketing is still in its relative infancy. It’s still evolving all the time. Any and all course updates you will get free access to for life which is really important. I’m just saying that because I want you to know how much value there is in this site and in the updates you are going to be getting for free.

Final Thoughts

This is going to be really powerful this is a way of getting support and encouragement obviously. I’m going to be in there keeping an eye on things and posting stuff and updates. It’s a great place where you can go and get not just support and encouragement and see what other people are doing. Also to get reviews and things like that so that’s going to be a really powerful bonus too. Then bonus four is going to be a series of expert interviews. One of the greatest thing about having a book on Kindle and teaching about Kindle publishing, is that I get to meet other people in the space.

A Book Design Strategy Sure to Fail

Today we’ll talk about how do you get the book organized so that’s things like how to optimize it. Your front materials, your end materials call to action. We’ll talk about how to get your cover created let’s make sure it’s professional. Actually getting your book onto KDP in the first place getting it setup right first time around. Adding your description and keywords, how to setup your author central account which is a rally great way of setting up your author bio and telling people about you. Some extra things you can do to promote your book through Author Central and the dangerous newbie mistake that you must avoid when you set your book up.

For Module  5 of Designing a Book Cover

We’ll cover all of that in module five, in module four. In module five, this is when we get into the really get into the marketing steps. This is all about how to build a bestseller so we’ll go into more detail in keyword research. We are going to choose in the right categories which is essential we didn’t have time to even talk about that today but that’s very important. We’ll talk about that more about getting the title and subtitle that is absolutely critical. Creating covers that pop and your description in Amazon HTML. We’ll be covering some of this stuff we’ve done today but in more detail than I had time to cram it into just one hour.

We’ll also look at that … I’m going backwards there. We’ll also do social personal reviews. We’ll go into details of the free and the discount Kindle Book sites and there is a resource on the … that I’ll make available to you. Which has a list of all those sites and how much they charge and so on.

What their rates are I’ve already done that for you. How to best use social media and email lists and what mistakes you want to avoid when you are setting this up for your book launch. Module six we are going to go on to really nail the idea, the Kindle KDP select free promo. We touched on how it works and why it’s so important.
We’ll also talk about because Amazon makes changes so often, they’ve been two big changes just in the last 12 months to how the … the best way to run a promo. A lot of the stuff that’s out there on the web now which was very good advice when it came out like if you go to some of the blogs they are a few months old.

The Best Book Cover Creators

Great advice when it came out but not great advice because now things have changed. We’ll talk about how it’s changed and what you need to be doing now not three or six or 12 months ago. How many days you should run your promo for normally five but they are some circumstances when you might want to cut that short.

What’s the best promo day of the week that you should always include in your five days, what’s the best week of the year? Talk about how the bestseller list work because if you understand how those work it’s easier to … manipulate is not the right word. You can place your strengths and maximize your chances of doing well on the bestseller list. Things you can do to obviously getting screenshots but also to things you can do to boost your campaign. We’ll also talk about why you want to … circumstances you might want to end your campaign early. We’ll go into detail more than we have time today on setting up your 99 Kindle Book campaign. To make sure that works the right way.

Book Covers that Add Value

We’ll talk about consistency in creation and what time. Then with acknowledgements to Tim Ferris, we’ll talk about the five hour workweek for writers. If you can just work out one hour a day, you can get a book done in a couple of weeks easily. The sweet spot for a short Kindle Book is probably about 10,000 words. People are used to consuming much shorter content in Kindle. You can write something long of course but you can … if it’s good if people love short stories and if it’s how to stuff as long as it’s good and it does what it promises on the title. People are happy with short works so you can get books out there really quickly.

We’ll also get through the seven step research system and the nice step writing system that I used to get stuff done quickly. We’ll get back to the author publisher model because that will affect how you settle this up. We’ll talk about the two types of publishing, traditional publishing and commission publishing what those mean. Why you might want to do one or the other or both of those. How you can outsource your book for your research and how you can find good writers at inexpensive prices. Module four is going to be all about formatting and publishing your books.

Now this is I call it the Kindle formatting minefield because this throws a lot of people. What I’m going to do is show you how you can … even if you are doing it yourself, how you can avoid a complete and you just walk on the edge of that minefield. Plus as well as that you can also outsource the process, you don’t even have to do it yourself. You can see there, there is loads of different types of formats you can use for your book. It can be very confusing if you don’t know which one is best and why. We’ll skip around that I’ll show you what to do which format is best and how you can outsource the whole thing if you don’t want to spend time on itself.

Rules for Book Design

In this post, we’ll talk about serialization of your books, we’ll talk about list building for fiction and nonfiction going into that in more detail more advanced stuff. We’ll talk about building a backend because really unless you are selling millions of books the backend. The backend actually has more potential than the book sales itself. You can make a great living just from the royalties.


Building a Book Design To do list

If you just do that and you don’t build a list, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. We’ll talk about building your backend. We’ll also talk about the author publisher model, because you can write it yourself or you can outsource it. You can publish other people’s stuff.

Or you can combine those three things together so we’ll talk about that the pros and cons of each one and how you can go about doing those. There are a few other strategies which we will cover on there as well. That will be module one and then module two we’ll talk about profitable niches or genres. Whether to go into fiction or nonfiction, I’ll tell you right now. It really doesn’t matter you are just going for whatever you find most interesting because they are both huge, huge markets. Within that we look at profitable niches and genres and we’ll look at the mega niches.

Market Research

You’ll want to look at how big your market is in advance before you spend any time or invest any money getting your book written. How to figure out the serialization potential of your books. How to get inside information from Google and how you can ethically spy into your competition? You can see, not just how many sales they are making so you can help judge if it’s a market you want to get into.

Also you’ll be able to tell how many books you are going to need to sell in order to hit the bestseller list. Because if getting yourself up on the bestseller is how you generate momentum. We can figure all that out in advance before you even type the first word.

Module three is about running good books quickly. Again this implies whether you are doing it yourself or whether you are outsourcing it. We want it to be good but we also, we don’t want to be hanging around spending months or weeks and months writing a book. You can get a good Kindle book just part time easily in a couple of weeks. Less a lot less if you are doing full time.

In the next post, we’ll talk about the only type of work that matters when you are writing your book. The difference between what’s fair when to succeed, we’ll talk about work in the 80/20 principle. How you can set things up to be hyper productive and get your book done very quickly even if you’ve got working on the day job at the same time.

Credibility for your Book Design

I want to get you to number one bestselling author. If it’s applicable to you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. At the same time as you are doing that, it’s a way of making a full time income working part time. Also if you want scale it up, you can give yourself financial freedom and if you get financial freedom you are going to have time freedom as well which is awesome.


Get the Credibility You Need

Again just to come back to this, to give you the credibility for the rest of your life of being a bestselling author. That’s what this is about and … excuse me. Because it is a system if you follow it right anyone can do this, okay. There is the opportunity on Kindle and Amazon is massive right now.

If you want to take the action and get your book set up and you can have assortments as well if you don’t want writing it yourself. This is how it’s going to work, it’s going to be live training at the end of every session. We are going to do live work and that’s for seven weeks okay. How to write your book, how to choose a niche or a genre that’s going to be get you plenty of sales. How to get it formatted and published and then how to promote it.

What’s Coming Next

We are going to go through all the stuff that we’ve done today and a lot more advanced stuff as well once your book is up and running and making those organic sales on Kindle.
What I want to do here is just go through very briefly what’s in each module so you know what to expect I haven’t got time to go through everything in detail because it’s seven weeks of stuff. The first module is all going to be about how to monetize Kindle books.

There is lots of ways of doing this, you really want to know what you are going to do going into this. You get everything set up and you can use more than one strategy with the same book. You need to know how to do that.

We’ll talk about royalties and pricing strategies and how to optimize your royalties in the next post.

Come On CreateSpace!


CreateSpace is now synonymous with self-publishing and they’ve made it incredibly easy for all of us to self-publish and book within a few minutes–especially if you’ve already done it a time or two. What is it with their cover templates though?

If you’ve ever walked yourself through the process of publishing a book there, or even researched on their website, you’ve probably run into the section on cover design.

I have to say, as easy as it is to get your book through their system after you know the process, that website is shockingly unintuitive. Especially when you consider the fact that it’s OWNED by Amazon–the most successful online retailer in the world. Talk about a company who knows how to structure a website. For whatever reason, they’ve invested very few resources in navigation for the CreateSpace site.

If you’re like me, you found yourself researching their cover requirements and come across a button that lead you to a series of a terrible book template area they have that is hideous and cumbersome to use. Not to mention, I’ve seen tons of those covers all over Amazon.

They have so much technology available, it’s hard to believe they’ve not launched a paid system where you can input all your data into the book template and choose from tons and tons of images to easily make a book cover for your book.

The current one they offer is free and in this case you definitely get what you pay for. I’m not really sure how anyone has the patience, or the taste to commit to one of those things honestly. The same way Amazon bought CreateSpace, it seems prime time for them to acquire a similar company who perhaps already has the technology built out to do this kind of work. Blurb.com comes to mind as I’ve noticed they recently launched a more aggressive campaign as a book publishing platform.

We’ll see what happens.

Non-Fiction Book Cover Design Successes

As promised, I’ve listed some of the top selling non-fiction, self-published books that did it either acting as their own book cover designer or by working with one. We can’t know the actual sales results or number for any given title because that information is confidential. However, in this case the ranking has been tracked for many months and sometime years , so we can be sure the rankings are an accurate show of the book’s success. Achieving this does not have to be left up to random chance occurrence. It’s something you can do—that anyone who really want to can do too.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide

Linda Prinster, CreateSpace. Amazon Bestseller.

How to be a Super Hot Woman

Mandy Simons, Outskirts. Selling in the top 1%.

Not Manifesting? This Book is for You!

Kathleen Mackenzie, Outskirts. Selling in the top 2%.

If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Brooke Castillo, BookSurge. Selling in the top 2%.

Practical Chess Exercises: 600 Lessons from Tactics to Strategy

Ray Cheng, Wheatmark. Top 1% for more than two years.

The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense

Joel Comm, Morgan James. New York Times Bestseller.

Raw Foods for Busy People, Jordan Maerin, Lulu. Top 1% for over four years.

Wire Wrapping: The Basics and Beyond (jewelry making)

Jim McIntosh, CreateSpace. Selling in the top 1% for over a year.

For more information on how to make a book cover, we recommend the blog at CoverDesignStudio.com

Nonfiction Book Covers

Nonfiction Book Cover Design and Sales

To show you that it’s possible to succeed by using a self-publishing company, scan a few of the better selling book covers and titles that will be listed in a future post. The books that will be named are selling really well on Amazon.com. Looking over this should definitely give you confidence in the idea that self-publishing and making your own book cover can work. Also, they demonstrate (on a small scale) the different kinds of books that can work for self-published non-fiction. In bold will be the title of the book, then the author’s name below it. To see the actual cover, you’ll need to visit the website they’re being sold on.

Next will be the self-publishing company and the ranking showing at Amazon. What you will see are all real books and titles, some of them holding a high rank position for many consecutive years.