A Book Design Strategy Sure to Fail

Today we’ll talk about how do you get the book organized so that’s things like how to optimize it. Your front materials, your end materials call to action. We’ll talk about how to get your cover created let’s make sure it’s professional. Actually getting your book onto KDP in the first place getting it setup right first time around. Adding your description and keywords, how to setup your author central account which is a rally great way of setting up your author bio and telling people about you. Some extra things you can do to promote your book through Author Central and the dangerous newbie mistake that you must avoid when you set your book up.

For Module  5 of Designing a Book Cover

We’ll cover all of that in module five, in module four. In module five, this is when we get into the really get into the marketing steps. This is all about how to build a bestseller so we’ll go into more detail in keyword research. We are going to choose in the right categories which is essential we didn’t have time to even talk about that today but that’s very important. We’ll talk about that more about getting the title and subtitle that is absolutely critical. Creating covers that pop and your description in Amazon HTML. We’ll be covering some of this stuff we’ve done today but in more detail than I had time to cram it into just one hour.

We’ll also look at that … I’m going backwards there. We’ll also do social personal reviews. We’ll go into details of the free and the discount Kindle Book sites and there is a resource on the … that I’ll make available to you. Which has a list of all those sites and how much they charge and so on.

What their rates are I’ve already done that for you. How to best use social media and email lists and what mistakes you want to avoid when you are setting this up for your book launch. Module six we are going to go on to really nail the idea, the Kindle KDP select free promo. We touched on how it works and why it’s so important.
We’ll also talk about because Amazon makes changes so often, they’ve been two big changes just in the last 12 months to how the … the best way to run a promo. A lot of the stuff that’s out there on the web now which was very good advice when it came out like if you go to some of the blogs they are a few months old.

The Best Book Cover Creators

Great advice when it came out but not great advice because now things have changed. We’ll talk about how it’s changed and what you need to be doing now not three or six or 12 months ago. How many days you should run your promo for normally five but they are some circumstances when you might want to cut that short.

What’s the best promo day of the week that you should always include in your five days, what’s the best week of the year? Talk about how the bestseller list work because if you understand how those work it’s easier to … manipulate is not the right word. You can place your strengths and maximize your chances of doing well on the bestseller list. Things you can do to obviously getting screenshots but also to things you can do to boost your campaign. We’ll also talk about why you want to … circumstances you might want to end your campaign early. We’ll go into detail more than we have time today on setting up your 99 Kindle Book campaign. To make sure that works the right way.