Book Covers that Add Value

We’ll talk about consistency in creation and what time. Then with acknowledgements to Tim Ferris, we’ll talk about the five hour workweek for writers. If you can just work out one hour a day, you can get a book done in a couple of weeks easily. The sweet spot for a short Kindle Book is probably about 10,000 words. People are used to consuming much shorter content in Kindle. You can write something long of course but you can … if it’s good if people love short stories and if it’s how to stuff as long as it’s good and it does what it promises on the title. People are happy with short works so you can get books out there really quickly.

We’ll also get through the seven step research system and the nice step writing system that I used to get stuff done quickly. We’ll get back to the author publisher model because that will affect how you settle this up. We’ll talk about the two types of publishing, traditional publishing and commission publishing what those mean. Why you might want to do one or the other or both of those. How you can outsource your book for your research and how you can find good writers at inexpensive prices. Module four is going to be all about formatting and publishing your books.

Now this is I call it the Kindle formatting minefield because this throws a lot of people. What I’m going to do is show you how you can … even if you are doing it yourself, how you can avoid a complete and you just walk on the edge of that minefield. Plus as well as that you can also outsource the process, you don’t even have to do it yourself. You can see there, there is loads of different types of formats you can use for your book. It can be very confusing if you don’t know which one is best and why. We’ll skip around that I’ll show you what to do which format is best and how you can outsource the whole thing if you don’t want to spend time on itself.