Come On CreateSpace!


CreateSpace is now synonymous with self-publishing and they’ve made it incredibly easy for all of us to self-publish and book within a few minutes–especially if you’ve already done it a time or two. What is it with their cover templates though?

If you’ve ever walked yourself through the process of publishing a book there, or even researched on their website, you’ve probably run into the section on cover design.

I have to say, as easy as it is to get your book through their system after you know the process, that website is shockingly unintuitive. Especially when you consider the fact that it’s OWNED by Amazon–the most successful online retailer in the world. Talk about a company who knows how to structure a website. For whatever reason, they’ve invested very few resources in navigation for the CreateSpace site.

If you’re like me, you found yourself researching their cover requirements and come across a button that lead you to a series of a terrible book template area they have that is hideous and cumbersome to use. Not to mention, I’ve seen tons of those covers all over Amazon.

They have so much technology available, it’s hard to believe they’ve not launched a paid system where you can input all your data into the book template and choose from tons and tons of images to easily make a book cover for your book.

The current one they offer is free and in this case you definitely get what you pay for. I’m not really sure how anyone has the patience, or the taste to commit to one of those things honestly. The same way Amazon bought CreateSpace, it seems prime time for them to acquire a similar company who perhaps already has the technology built out to do this kind of work. comes to mind as I’ve noticed they recently launched a more aggressive campaign as a book publishing platform.

We’ll see what happens.