Designing a Book and book cover is Easy

Stumbling On Happiness Book coverTalent Code front coverYes, you actually can design your own books and book covers from your desktop computer using basic programs and free, cheap, or public domain images you can find with a simple Google search using the web. You don’t even need to write the actual book if you don’t want to, as there are are tons of public domain books readily available for free download at places like and You will need to work on the formatting of these texts to make them look good, but that can be done in MS Word. You will also need some serious proofreading and editing because most of those documents were scanned and converted to type with a computer program that gets a lot wrong, including massive run on sentences and misspellings.

Formatting a Book

Before it can be made into a sellable product, your manuscript should be saved as a high-quality PDF. There is online software available on the net where you can do this for free, or you can use a paid service like Acrobat. Many of the more expensive self-publishing companies will take care of this step for you as part of the cost. Avoid a firm that wants to charge additional fees for this simple step. It’s something you can easily do yourself for free. Once you do that, all you need is a book cover and you’re ready to publish!