Improve Your Book Promotion with Good Design

In the Kindle world, in the wider BOOK publishing world, good book design is now considered a bare minimum. I have a friend who is doing $30,000 a month just through CreateSpace. That’s good writing and good design coming together.

Find an Expert Book Designer

We are going to get a series of expert interviews on that so you can get to learn about some the wider stuff as it pertains to how design can influence your book’s full potential. Maybe some of the things that I’m focusing less on we’ll get to learn from some other experts as well. You get all the seven posts plus bonus one the membership site and I didn’t say this but I should mention it now. As well the videos, I’ll strip out the MP3 recording so you can take those away. Listen to them in the car whatever you need to do, in the gym. Those that you’d prefer to read rather than watch videos because reading is quicker, I’ll get transcriptions done for each of the modules.

This will go up a few days after the live module I’ll get those done. Encompasses the presentation and also action checklist for each module so you can get the fast action checklist for everything. That will be part of the member site too. The free lifetime access to the updates, the private Facebook group membership and of course the expert interviews as well.


Check Some Podcast Experts

I may be going into some of my advanced training some recordings that I have on creating captivating content and setting up a book description. I also want to say that the reason I brought More information on here is because, right now I don’t have the sort of advanced coaching program open. I’ve done it in the past but I’m actually in a sense I’m losing money by sending people over for more information.

The reason I would do that is because I’ve never seen someone put together this much value for the price. Especially with what I consider the most valuable thing which is having advice on book design and layout. Because the thing I hate the biggest for me was being able to have my questions answered. I myself go through courses, I have mentors, I network with people. I still ask people questions and get coaching on my Kindle business and my marketing business.

Personalize Your It

Because there is fairly nothing else I think that has come out or I will be coming out, where people can get that much personalized, start to finish training. Getting their questions answered and everything like that. Even though I might be costing myself a little bit of money down the road by not having my own coaching program like this, it’s just worth it to me. Also I’m going to be going through this blog myself, taking lots of notes. I’m super excited for a lot of the advanced stuff that you are going to be teaching that even I don’t know about.

If you go to that page and click the button it will take you through to PayPal. You can card details or PayPal details there. Once you’ve done that you’ll get sent to this thank you page it’s just a message from me saying congratulations you’ve signed up for the blog. What will happen then is that, pretty soon after that you’ll get an email comes through. That’s basically it we are done so that’s the link again if you want to go there.