Rules for Book Design

In this post, we’ll talk about serialization of your books, we’ll talk about list building for fiction and nonfiction going into that in more detail more advanced stuff. We’ll talk about building a backend because really unless you are selling millions of books the backend. The backend actually has more potential than the book sales itself. You can make a great living just from the royalties.


Building a Book Design To do list

If you just do that and you don’t build a list, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. We’ll talk about building your backend. We’ll also talk about the author publisher model, because you can write it yourself or you can outsource it. You can publish other people’s stuff.

Or you can combine those three things together so we’ll talk about that the pros and cons of each one and how you can go about doing those. There are a few other strategies which we will cover on there as well. That will be module one and then module two we’ll talk about profitable niches or genres. Whether to go into fiction or nonfiction, I’ll tell you right now. It really doesn’t matter you are just going for whatever you find most interesting because they are both huge, huge markets. Within that we look at profitable niches and genres and we’ll look at the mega niches.

Market Research

You’ll want to look at how big your market is in advance before you spend any time or invest any money getting your book written. How to figure out the serialization potential of your books. How to get inside information from Google and how you can ethically spy into your competition? You can see, not just how many sales they are making so you can help judge if it’s a market you want to get into.

Also you’ll be able to tell how many books you are going to need to sell in order to hit the bestseller list. Because if getting yourself up on the bestseller is how you generate momentum. We can figure all that out in advance before you even type the first word.

Module three is about running good books quickly. Again this implies whether you are doing it yourself or whether you are outsourcing it. We want it to be good but we also, we don’t want to be hanging around spending months or weeks and months writing a book. You can get a good Kindle book just part time easily in a couple of weeks. Less a lot less if you are doing full time.

In the next post, we’ll talk about the only type of work that matters when you are writing your book. The difference between what’s fair when to succeed, we’ll talk about work in the 80/20 principle. How you can set things up to be hyper productive and get your book done very quickly even if you’ve got working on the day job at the same time.