Things that Make your Book’s Social Media Effective

How to do Facebook posts if you don’t know how? If you’ve got your own page it’s easy, if you don’t you can still do them.


We’ll talk about how to set that up and why it’s so powerful and all of that discounted offers and how to leverage email lists as well at the same time. You want to get all these things working together. If you get them working together you get exponential results. You do them piece meal, one thing here, one thing there, you’ll only get a tiny fraction of the results. Really important to coordinate all those things and then in module seven this is where you get some really advanced marketing stuff.

Getting the most for your book

I want to give you all the best strategies and maximum value for money. We’ll talk about review management which very few people do but it’s really critical to long term sales. It’s something I’ve not seen taught anywhere else so I want to share that with you. We’ll talk about how you can create space to setup physical promotions and really powerful way of doing price juxtaposition as well which actually boosts your Kindle copy sales which is awesome.

Beyond Cover Design

You have plenty of options for book covers including the new company, Canva. How to setup and use Facebook pages in groups either your own or other people’s. We’ll talk about the best ways to cross promote books. We’ll talk about something else again I’ve not seen this discussed anywhere else. How to leverage other author’s books ethically and the way that they will actually want to help you out. Very, very powerful of getting extra sales and getting more widely known. We’ll talk about press release strategies and SEO and how to leverage the medium with the website how to report it out which can generate. If you are not familiar with that site it’s a great way of getting free radio coverage, TV coverage, magazine coverage, blog coverage.

Especially where journalists go thousands and thousands of journalists go to find experts and authors and people to give them, basically give them their content that they need. It’s a great way of getting a promotion. We’ll talk about pricing strategies in detail, whether or not it’s a good idea to blog, when is a good idea to blog and when is a waste of time. We’ll do some advance on this building and we also do Kindle foreign rights strategies. Again this is a powerful way of boosting sales, how you can test your book in foreign markets and get it set up to if it tests well, how to get it set up and translated cheaply and selling in foreign markets.

Building relationships is key with other authors and other experts and also with your fans and followers if you are building any kind of list. Then we’ll talk about the eight times four platform boosting sales which is huge and really powerful. We’ll cover all of that plus we’ll do some … we’ll look at advanced testing for your book because the more you test, the more you can optimize your book and make sales. A lot of those test you’ll be able to apply them to other books too. Great way boosting long term sales. How to get Amazon to send emails on your behalf. We’ll talk about life beyond Kindle so how to get onto Apple.

Things to Avoid with your Book

Then of course crucial things to avoid this is the Amazon version of a Google search. How to avoid being banned from Kindle, getting all your reviews taken down. Crucially losing all of your royalties because if you don’t know Amazon pays two months in arrears. Like right now for example they owe me several thousand dollars in royalties. If I do something stupid and get myself banned from Amazon, then I’m out several thousand dollars. We’ll cover all of that and a bunch more stuff as well. So very, very quick recap, module one how to monetize your Kindle books. Module two, profitable niches of genres, module three how to get your books written quickly and well or outsource them.

Module four formatting and publishing, and then module five, six and seven this is a whole about marketing, building the best seller, the perfect KDP select free promo. There is all of that stuff and of course as you would expect it is backed by 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked if you don’t think it’s delivered at least 10 times the value you’d pay for it, just email that address support.

Ethical questions about book promotion

This is like the ethics body for the how-to industry. You’ve got it’s backed by that and you can get actually got to the website and get my name on there also. Plus all of that, I want to give you some bonuses too. Bonus one is going to be this private membership portal which I’ve setup. All of the course content will be going onto there. Each module as we record it will go on to there so it’s available for you. You’ve got lifetime membership to this plus you can see there is a little dropdown there so there is going to be a bunch of resources on there. You can get links through to all of the promotional websites I’ve talked about recommended reading.

Links to get in your cover created format in your book. We’ll have case studies, we’ll have Facebook and social media resources. I’m sure there will be other things on there as well. There will also be a tab that we can access the other bonuses which I’m going to give you. All of that will be on the membership portal which you have lifetime access to. That’s the first bonus. The second bonus, is going to be free lifetime access to all blog updates. Now I already touched on this things change all the time, Amazon changed it’s role several times in the last 12 months.

Google of course is constantly making algorithm changes and Kindle marketing is still in its relative infancy. It’s still evolving all the time. Any and all course updates you will get free access to for life which is really important. I’m just saying that because I want you to know how much value there is in this site and in the updates you are going to be getting for free.

Final Thoughts

This is going to be really powerful this is a way of getting support and encouragement obviously. I’m going to be in there keeping an eye on things and posting stuff and updates. It’s a great place where you can go and get not just support and encouragement and see what other people are doing. Also to get reviews and things like that so that’s going to be a really powerful bonus too. Then bonus four is going to be a series of expert interviews. One of the greatest thing about having a book on Kindle and teaching about Kindle publishing, is that I get to meet other people in the space.