Why Your Book Needs to Analyze

Now, there’s more to succeeding than just good design. Design alone won’t get you far without proper promotion. Your book’s topic should have at least 10,000 US searches so set local to United States and you want at least 10,000 local searches in the US. Anything less than that and it’s just too small a market for your book. Okay, what else have we got? Will there be a replay? When you are setting up your promotion it’s the name, do you just write the name of the book?

How to Promote Your Book with Keywords

You put the name of the book you are planning to promote if you’ve got multiple books and instead of the dates real simple. Great to see Amazon HTML and whether there is a risk of Amazon will view this badly. It’s Amazon HTML it’s … if they didn’t want us using HTML in there they wouldn’t have opened the code. The reason you don’t put it in through Author Central is it’s just really buggy. Amazon are aware of this and it’s just very difficult to format and it’s very difficult to adjust.

If you start making adjustments it does all sorts of weird things like resetting stuff. If you do it three your KDP bookshop like I said, it just makes it so much easier. It’s super easy to format and there is nothing underhand about it. When you use Amazon HTML, it’s only there. You are not putting any kind of … you are not putting the links and stuff. You can have the links too other Amazon pages but not external links. Really all you are using it for is to format the copy, putting the bold, the underlined, the bullet points, the Amazon orange for the header tag and things like that.

There is nothing in any way underhand about it, there is nothing that Amazon would object to. They’ve enabled the code on that because they want people to be able to use it. It’s just that most people don’t …

One thing I’ll say about the information is that I’ve heard of this. I haven’t actually heard directly from Amazon. Using things like pictures in the description or links, they might be looking to take that down.

In the upcoming future. Not necessarily just the bolding or the underlining all that stuff is allowed. You can actually even do that in Author Central it’s just not recommended because it’s a lot more difficult to try to edit books through Author Central.